Hepi bartdai, me!

Din nou am reusit sa nu respect un deadline propriu…am zis ca o sa scriu ceva de ziua mea, care a fost deja. Totusi, sa nu se auda ca mi-am ignorat complet blogul o sa pun o poezie compusa de mine pe 24 mai 2007, la 19 ani.

the day has come, i am nineteen,
a voice commends me: open your eyes!
and as i do, i see a veil of fire-
surrounding me…it felt like home!

the light goes out, then on again,
from out of nowhere, something appears
its looks were beyond comprehension,
but still i feel drawn towards it.

i took a step forward,
as countless minions surrounded us.
i take another step,
the creatures kneel before me

questions slip of the tip of my tongue
-where am i? who are you, sir?
am i dead, or just on drugs?
-i am messiah’s evil twin!

Happy birthday! Satan said.
I brought you here, your time has come
You are my son, and you’ll inherit
My kingdom of beneath the earth

Nu cea mai reusita poezie…cam satanista (foarte) oricum am scris-o la misto si nu credeam nimic din ea.:)


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